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I'm missing something here, I think. I used EDK create/import IP wizard to create a custom IP that has one s/w accessible register. I want to modify the data (shift, rotate, add, etc.) received from a terminal and read it back. I didn't modify the slave read/write example code generated. I wrote a program in C that uses custom IP library for read/write, but I always read a 0. If I hardcode IP2Bus_Data, I could read that data. I did a test that read/write LEDs before, and it worked just fine. But it seems like I couldn't get it to work if I just modify the Bus2IP_Data signal and read it back. I'm not familiar with VHDL. Can anyone point out to me? Thanks!

Auto generated read/write that I use: SLAVE_REG_WRITE_PROC : process( Bus2IP_Clk ) is begin

if Bus2IP_Clk'event and Bus2IP_Clk = '1' then if Bus2IP_Reset = '1' then slv_reg0 '0'); else case slv_reg_write_select is when "1" =>

for byte_index in 0 to (C_DWIDTH/8)-1 loop if ( Bus2IP_BE(byte_index) = '1' ) then slv_reg0(byte_index*8 to byte_index*8+7) null; end case; end if; end if;


-- implement slave model register read mux SLAVE_REG_READ_PROC : process( slv_reg_read_select, slv_reg0 ) is begin

case slv_reg_read_select is when "1" => slv_ip2bus_data slv_ip2bus_data '0'); end case;

end process SLAVE_REG_READ_PROC;

------------------------------------------ -- Example code to drive IP to Bus signals ------------------------------------------ IP2Bus_Data

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Hi again, I forgot to mention my target is virtex-II pro fpga. Thanks.

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