Scripted Xilinx flow with free Webpack tools?

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I'm just doing my first device (a Spartan 3S200 or 400) after a break of 5 years, and I'd like to do a scripted flow (I've done this previously with 4K&Virtex/Leonardo/Foundation, running par/map/ngdbuild/etc from a makefile). Can anyone tell me if this is possible with the free Webpack tools, or will I have to buy something? Is the free XST scriptable? Is XST any good?

Finally, any ideas on whether the flow has changed radically since

2000, or should I just be able to take up where I left off?

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Look up the Docs for XFLOW. Xilinxs' command line utilities.


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Martin Riddle

I did the complete 600MB+ download but it doesn't include the proper docs. So, I did lots more downloads and eventually found XFLOW in the 'Development System Reference Guide'. It's not obvious that XFLOW gives you anything over rolling your own makefile, so I stuck with what I know.

Anyway, I got the 'watchvhd' example through the flow to a bit file, and the short answers are:




Haven't compared it with anything else, but it looks pretty professional. Also appears to have good language support.

All pretty much the same - ngdanno and ngd2vhdl have been replaced with netgen, and a few minor changes to options in ngdbuild and par, but that's about it.

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