this is really minor bug, but still I wasted some good 6 hours to understand that its really a bug, and that nothing was wrong with my project.


if processor addresses have MSB set (eg address>= 0x80000000) then those peripherals do not show in the generated address map in the system datasheet! simple as that.

xdsgen does report in log files proper base addresses but in the html report the peripherals above 0x80000000 are simply missing from address map table.

I generated different systems, and edited the MHS and MSS files to find out whats wrong, until I found that the error is really a signed-unsigned programmers bug made by Xilinx

_all_ Xilinx programmers should learn how to use int vs unsigned int in C programs!

hopefully those programmer have nothing todo with Xilinx P&R tools - if similar bugs are there too then who knows where and what else goes wrong.


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