Xilinx PowerPC simulation problems

Hi all.

I have a project for the XilinxPlatformStudio with a PPC in it. I generated the simulation model (structural) but the PPC component (called PPC_405) is not in the Xilinx related library (UNISIM) included with the "library" statement in its wrapper, so I can not simulate that project.

I generated with the compedklib and cmpxlib the library with the simulation models for the fpga architecture that I have to use but it did not work.

Does anyone there have suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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Andrea Sabatini
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Simulation of V2PRO hardware components (PPC405, ROCKETIO) need installation of Swift Models. See Xilinx answer records to know supported simulators and how to install and use this models with your simulator. For modelsim

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Hopping that helps you !!


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