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Hello, I am working with xilinx microblaze and I am trying to set up my microblaze to communicate with a 128 KB asynchronous SRAM chip (IS63LV1024). So far I have been able to set up the opb_emc (External Memory Controller) to communicate with the SRAM chip. However, I can only write to the SRAM in 4 bytes words. I cannot write byte by byte. Example: If I try to write to byte 0x0F10_0001, the whole word at 0x0F10_0000 gets updated instead. ================================== Before

0x0F10_0000: 00000000 0x0F10_0004: 00000000 Write 0x31 to 0x0F10_0001 After 0x0F10_0000: 00000031 0x0F10_0004: 00000000 ================================== Now, I am trying to load my program to run in the external memory by setting the program start address in the compiler options. I cannot get the program to run in external memory and it keeps crashing. Is that related to the fact that I cannot write byte by byte in the external memory, or are there some additional settings I need to do in the linker and compiler in order to get my program to run in external memory. I am using Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) to configure my system. Are there any special parameters that I need to set in the opb_emc to enable byte by byte access ? I could not find any such parameters. Thanks Richard
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Hi Richard,

microblaze to communicate with a 128 KB asynchronous SRAM chip (IS63LV1024).

communicate with the SRAM chip. However, I can only write to the

updated instead.

There are two possiblilites


--------- So how do you write to memory? In C you should be aware to declare your pointer according to the data width you want to write.

int *my_memory_pointer = 0x0f100001;

*my_memory_pointer = 0x31; will set the whole word.

char *my_memory_pointer = 0x0f100001;

*my_memory_pointer = 0x31; will write only one byte


---------- How is your memory connected? Are you shure your byte - enable signals an not tied together?

In order to check whether your hardware or your software is the
reason for your problem try writing to memory using xmd.
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Erik Hansen

WRONG, if you look at XMD stub you see the stub only support

32 bit read write to memory, so if you do byte read/write then stub still reads/writes 32 and XMD emulates byte wide access!


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Antti Lukats
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You have to use the HW debug logic in MicroBlaze and the opb_mdm.

This will give you true byte-write and a lot of other things.


Antti Lukats wrote:

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