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According to the Xilinx EDK documentation, it should be possible to use C++ code with the Microblaze CPU, but unfortunately the documentation doesn't say anything about how one would do this. The Xilinx web page and support forums doesn't have any information about C++ either, so I was wondering if anyone have had any succes at all with C++ and Microblaze systems?

My main problems seems to be with the linker (mb-ld). I can't link anything against the Standard Template Libary. The sourcecode seems to compile nicely enough, but when the linker tries to link the object files, it's seems to encounter an unexpected '(' in it's own default linker script. What's up with that?

I would really apreciate any input from everyone, and I appologise for my horrible english. Hope you can help,

-- Anders

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Anders Hellerup Madsen
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