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Does anyone know if it's possible to run the Xilinx ISE 4.2i software in Linux? I would like to develop VHDL code and then program my FPGA (I use a parallel port JTAG programmer). Being able to do this from Linux would make the project easier as I need to develop a Linux device driver at the same time. I was thinking I could use WINE. Do any websites with instructions exist?


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Hi Ted,

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The current Xilinx tools are Linux native. I you don't have them then see my old Xilinx on Linux page for instructions on running the 4.2 tools under wine,

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B. Joshua Rosen


Programming the actual FPGA using JTAGcannot be done from within the ISE

- you need to find a third-party program to do that under linux, but at least ISE 6.x will run under Wine otherwise (mostly). See my page on how to do it here:

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I don't know if this applies fro 4.2 also - but you can always give it a try. Hope it helps.

-- Brian

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Brian Dam Pedersen

Such as xc3sprog for the Spartan 3

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but at

Excellent. I was considering writing something on this myself, no I can just write a link:) BTW, I am using Wine 20040813 version and the command line tools work great. ise.exe loads but I don't use it.

Regards Andrew

Spartan3 configuration JTAG download tool for GNU/Linux available from
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Andrew Rogers

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