Xilinx FPGA one project loadable, another not - any hint?


I do not know if this matters: it is a Spartan IIe 50k device, interfaces are - or JTAG or parallel.

One project, a small test vhdl code, can be loaded and works correct. Both ways JTAG and parallel are possible.

Another larger project cannot be loaded. The Impact-Loader says after 'loading' that the 'done-pin does not go high'. Indeed the done-pin remains low, also when loading via parallel interface via microprocessor.

The BIT-file which is used in any of the cases, was compiled with ISE 4.2i as well as with the newest WebPack 6.2.02i

Any hint how a compiled file can be wrong so the BIT-file cannot be loaded?

Klaus Hiltrop

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Either use a pullup resistor on DONE or configure the BIT-File to drive the DONE pin high (Startup Options in Generate Programming File Properties)

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Andreas Hölscher

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