Xilinx Artix-7 SoM with 8 x GTPs

I'm looking for a Xilinx Artix-7 SoM (or board..) with at-least 8 x GTP transceivers , preferably 16 , exposed to the connector.
Any pointers will be much appreciated.
Thanks !

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ransceivers , preferably 16 , exposed to the connector.
this is something you most likely have hard times finding, as "artix som wi th 16 GT on connector" is something that no-one would just design and make out of no other reason as just to make a new FPGA SoM.
16GT is available in 1156 only, have you checked how many capacitors are ne eded for Artix in 1156? Too many for my taste! If you now compare with Kint ex, you see the real difference, it is much easier to develop a PCB with Ki ntex because you do not need the huuuge amount of small capacitor below the BGA..
Well this is not the only reason why you would hardly find Artix1156 some w ith 16 GT on connectors, but it is one of the reasons. We do lot's of SoM, for Artix 1156 there should be some real customer requesting it to make it feasible. If we can decide, the choice would always be Zynq or Kintex over Artix if that many GT are needed.
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