Caller ID box with Blocking?

I'm looking for a "Caller ID Box" to put in the phone line going to our office fax machine, which will not pass incoming calls through to the machine unless they have a caller ID.

I'm trying to limit the number of "junk faxes" which we receive every day, and/or be able to determine the sender's phone number on any faxes which haven't had their caller IDs blocked by the sender.

For various reasons I don't want to use a fax modem program on a computer.

Pointers to Caller ID boxes with the feature(s) I'm looking for will be much appreciated.

Thanks guys,

Jeff Wisnia  (W1BSV + Brass Rat '57 EE)

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Jeff Wisnia
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Be advised that there is a Federal law against junk faxed; take the bastards to Federal District Court (if i remember correctly).

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Robert Baer

Interesting idea... but...

Quite a lot of non junkmail companies may not beable to send faxes either. For instance, any phone call going out of our companies phone system does not pass on the caller id. It's just something that these lines do.

Note: that the Caller ID printed by the fax unit is not the line caller id. It is a separately "stored on the fax unit" id.

Good idea though.

Mark M1MPW

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Contact your local phone service. They should be able to give you the code you inut through your phone touchpad to block callers with caller id blocking.(I think it used to be something like *70 in my area.)

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That's only a partial solution, according to what he asked for.

I've had very good success with our two fax machines at work by calling the toll free number at the bottom and removing our numbers from their lists. We get only a couple faxes a month now. Other machines get a couple a day.

This does not make it right, by any means, in the U.S. it's illegal to send junk faxes. I have filled out complaints online with the FCC website on occasion. You won't get any help from the FCC by doing this, but the FCC will add your complaint to the list they use when they calculate the fines they will charge to the parasite company in their 'NAL'. They fined at $11,000 per complaint, and at almost 500 complaints that came to about $5.4 million.

Try or alt.dcom.telecom for more info.

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