What option can change the path sign "\" in Quartus ?

Hi, I find a strange problem relating to Quartus 7.2 and Modelsim 6.1g, web edition. For functional simulation, all is OK. For timing simulation, the component cannot be recognized by the testbench routine. I notice that in the work lib of Modelsim, the path sign is "\", not the same with the other's "/". Such as:


It should be: C:/altera/72/qdesigns/...

I cannot find any menu to change the option in both Quartus and Modelsim. Could you tell me that? Thanks a lot.

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Hi, Further infomation about the problem. When I recompile the file, the result is correct. And its command is like the following:

vcom -93 -work work C:/altera/72/qdesigns/vhdlQadd/simulation/modelsim/ addp.vho

I find the .do file generated by Quartus 7.2 has the problem command line: vcom -93 -work work {addp.vho}

It does not give the full path of addp.vho. Could you tell me where to set it correct, in Quartus or Modelsim? Thank you very much.

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"\" has caused a great deal of confusion :)

ModelSim uses Tcl Command Syntax there backslash "\" symbol means backslash substitution. If you wanna got to path "C:\altera\72\qdesigns \..." you should type C:\\altera\\72\qdesigns\\... or C:/altera/72/ qdesigns/... or { C:\altera\72\qdesigns\... }. Backslash substitution is not performed on words enclosed in braces, except for backslash-newline.

RTFM: Tcl and Macros (DO Files) > Tcl Command Syntax

Digitally yours, Michael Tsvetkov

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