Webpack 8.1i size

I have been evaluating this lately... and I see from the install that Xilinx still isn't acting very friendly on internet bandwidth.

Anybody notice that the single file is 800 M.... but the individually file download is 1.8 G?

I think its time for Xilinx to have a good look at this. How about looking at the way cygwin does its updates? BZIP2 is used to reduce the file size to manageable amounts and streaming keeps the bandwidth usage high.

May I make a suggestion to any Xilinx people out there that they look into this. It would be nice if a combination of TAR and BZIP2 were used to group the small text (and other) files and compress them into approx 40k files (or larger) and optionally send two at once (so the bandwidth is maximised).

My reasoning is there is a 1 GIG monthly limit in NZ... and then its 64k for the rest of the month.

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Simon Peacock
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$2c is not enough. You need $10 per 10G!!

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HTH, Syms. ;-)

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When 71i came out, I requested Xilinx, via google groups, to reconsider the download management strategy. Unfortunately it was not acknowledged.

When trying to download 81i, I noticed that support is only through xilinx web site. I contacted Xilinx support via web today, and hope to hear from them soon!

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I got a reply back from Xilinx, it turns out that they are making a DVD available soon ( from the download page ). But no hope on getting a splitted download!

I juest happened to visit QuickWorks (Quicklogic) download page, they nicely put a install.bat, p1,p2,p3,p4 (77MB x 4files).

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