While taking my first steps with the EDK, I'm running into problems right away.

- clean install of ISE 6.3i and EDK 6.3

- start Platform studio

- Create a project for the 3L eval board with the wizard

- Create bitstream

After a few minutes, the build breaks with the following message :

FATAL_ERROR:HDLParsers:vhplib.c:466:$Id: vhplib.c,v 1.25 2003/05/22 00:46:02 kumar Exp $:200 - INTERNAL ERROR... while parsing line 86. Contact your hot line. Process will terminate. To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at

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The tricky part is probably "INTERNAL ERROR... while parsing line

86". No references on google or on Xilinx support about 'vhplib.c', so no idea where to start.

Any ideas ?


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What core was being synthesized at the time of the crash? platgen reports the currently synthesized core in it's log.

microblaze_0_wrapper (microblaze_0) - system.mhs:47 - Running XST synthesis mb_opb_wrapper (mb_opb) - system.mhs:69 - Running XST synthesis . . .

You can cd into the synthesis directory and directly execute the synthesis project file.

xst -ifn _wrapper.scr

You'll see a _wrapper.srp file in the synthesis directory. Examine this file, the last line reported should give some indication as to what xst was doing before the crash.

Ico wrote:

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Paulo Dutra

I Solved it; my project was located under 'documents and settings', and spaces in the pathname to the project seems to cause strange result.


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Ico Doornekamp

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