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Hey all,

I am trying to run a script that Synplicity has provided to integrate synplify pro with the EDK. I think it is new. I can't find it on their website, but anyways...

It invokes synplify_pro in batch mode after making a .prj file for each block/module/IP in the EDK project. Synplify errors out with code 768. This error is not documented anywhere. I have Synplicity working on it, but thought I would ask here...

Interestingly enough, if I open the same .prj file that the scripts have made in the synplify gui, then hit run, everything works fine...actually not. I had to add the top level module in the GUI. So I thought maybe that was the problem. The top level module was not being defined for mixed-language projects. So I tweaked the script that builds the .prj files to include the "set_option top_level "module"" directive. I verified that it was doing this, but the batch mode still errors out with the 768. If I pull this new and improved .prj file (now with the top module defined) into the GUI, I can hit run and it synthesizes fine without any other intervention...

Hmmmmm. I am not very familiar with synplify, so just putting it out there.

PS Once this script works, it will be a great way to interate the EDK with synplify synthesis....without a lot of hassle!

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For the batch mode you need synplify_pro license! Don't ask me why.

-- Amal

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Not only that, you need a floating license. We have an Amplify fixed license with USB dongle. It does not support batch mode. I think it's a really bad thing to associate other features to the floating/fixed license :-(


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