Issues with Synplify Pro 7.7 synthesis

Hello All,

I am a graduate student in Computer Engineering an am developing some small VHDL modules targeted to Xilinx Virtex devices. While I was trying to synthesize some of those designs using synpliciy I got the following error." Invalid LUT instantiation. Have you included the virtex.v(hd) file, and an INIT value @E:Internal Error". I tried adding virtex.vhd from synplicity installation library and tried to re synthesize it and now I see an error " Undefined identifier" and it does not even point to the module which causes this. I have read in some other postings in this group that one should not include unisim libraries while synthesizing using Synplify pro 7.7. I have in fact tried both ways (including and excluding unisim libraries) but the above error persists. I would appreciate if anyone can suggest where I am doing wrong.

Thanks Harish

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Harish Vutukuru
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Did you instantiate a LUT2, LUT3, or LUT4 primitive? Did you provide an INIT value on that primitive? How did you apply the INIT?

It may be a simple mistake in the complete instantiation.

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Hello ,

It was a simple error from my side. I included the Unisim libraries between synthesis translate_off and translate_on. Once I remvoed those it works fine


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