Synplify and then Quartus

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I have been using Quartus II 2.0 for all my synthesis and fitting
needs for the APEX20KE device I have on my prototype board. I hear
that Quartus is not an efficient synthesizer compared to Synplicity's
Synplify. Now, I have had trouble trying to fit my design on the FPGA
and I have tried various methods to achieve successful fits
(Logiclock, design change, etc.).

Would there be a discernible advantage (in terms of achieving the
required performance and fitting the design on the device) to using
Synplify for synthesis and then using Quartus II 2.0 for placement and
routing ? Can this process really solve my fitting problems ?


Re: Synplify and then Quartus

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That used to be true, but the recent releases are much improved.
However, I have not run any benchmarks.

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It might. That used to be the only option.
You are in a good position to call an FAE
from Mentor or Synplify and let him prove to you that their
brand is better than Q.
I expect that you could get lots of help with your demo synthesis runs.

Let us know how it comes out.

   -- Mike Treseler

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