Make file ...........Help Please

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Hi Fellows,

How can I synthesize multiple file one by one using xilinx compiler in
MAKEFILE script. I have done using only one file but when I enter
multiple files in "VHDL= ....." field thenI get the following error.

make: *** No rule to make target `VIR3.vhd,VIR3_1.vhd,VIR3_2.vhd



Re: Make file ...........Help Please
vhdl (MACEI'S) wrote in message
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Well, you should definitely get the makefile hand book - it
has to many options ...

But, to summarize, you probably want something like this:

VHDL=VIR3.vhd VIR3_1.vhd VIR3_2.vhd   # no commas !

    synthesis_command $@

replace "synthesis command" with the name of your synthesis tool.
The "$@" will be automatically replaced with the vhdl file names.

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