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I have a new Synopsys installation that I am trying to get to synthesize
with Virtex2. I seem to have the default libraries in tcl syntax and a
script that I need to work with in non-tcl, so my issue is a tcl versus
Synopsys fpga_shell understanding. Here is my first question:

    Why would fpga_shell have trouble with the statement "set
dcfpga_xil_lib_path "/usr/synopsys/dcfpga/libraries/2003.06"

I'm getting nowhere with Synopsys (that story begins with "its not our
problem to install the software you bought from us" and ends with "here are
the latest and greatest scripts [that dont work]), so as Pricess Leia once
said "Help me Obe Wan Kenobe, youre my only hope?"

Charles Krinke
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