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does anyone know if it's possible to display short signal names in the wave window of modelsim. I have for instance a signal /gb_eth_tb/ethernet_mac/receive_state in my wave window. How can I get modelsim so far that it only displays the name receive_state in the wave window. I saw that you can give it a "display name", can this be done by a script?

TIA, Frank

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Frank van Eijkelenburg
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In the wave window, click on Tools > Window Preferences, and set the "Display Signal Path" to 1. Then you can save your wave window setup by clicking File > Save Format.

Barry Brown


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Barry Brown

In the "wave" window, Tools -> Window Preferences -> Display Signal Path. Set this to 1. If you want this every time you start the project, change the "WaveSignalNameWidth" parameter in the mpf file to

1, or if for all projects, set it in the modelsim.ini (if I remember the name correctly). I'm not sure how (if possible) to set these parameters run-time with a script, but I imagine it's somewhere in the docs.

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PO Laprise

An aside: I often set this to value to "2" to balance between "too much" and "too little" information when I'm trying to look at signals in multiple modules.


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HI, "-lable" may help you. ---e.g.-- add wave -noupdate -label CLK -radix hexadecimal TB_SDT_TOP/UUT/CLK Regards, seyior

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