Viewing internal signal in Modelsim (post P&R)

Hi all, I am using ModelSim PE 6.0d. I have done functional simulation for my design (i could view all internal signals there) and that works fine. When i run Post P&R simulation i get some misfunctionality. To correct the same i need to view internal signals in the post P&R simulation. But the same does not come if we check the signals listed under UUT.

I know this has been posted some time back also but i could not understand correctly. If somebody knows the correct procedure then please help. Thanx in advance.

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If you are using Xilinx ISE, I think you can only see entity port signal names after posted P&R timing simulation model. Even if you have "keep hierarchical" switch turn on, most internal signals have been replaced by some ISE generated signals.


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Good. Check design rules, run a place and route, check static timing and you are done.

This may be a problem of synchronization. Such problems can't be debugged easily using simulation. Check synchronization for all module inputs and outputs. Check static timing.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

you also have the init_signal_spy() command in modelsim that you have to add to your testbench ...

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