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anyone who easily can tell me wich prom i have to add on this board :

formatting link

I would like the prom to be big enough to contain so much data as i can use all the "space" in the fpga.. spartan2 300k

i used just to upload, but have to use it to a school project and i want to order the prom's in a good time before i have to use them


Mvh Kasper
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It's hard to tell from the documentation what sort of PROM you need. If it is in an 8-pin DIP package you may be out of luck, since the

2 Megabit parts don't come in this package. Check out Atmel's site for AT17Fxxx flash-based or AT17LVxxx EEPROM parts.
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The serial PROM required depends on the configuration bits of the FPGA. Just look at the datasheet of the FPGA, you will come to know the configuration bit required, from which you can choose the serial prom required. The serial PROM required is also specified in the datasheet. Go through the datasheet.

Regards Praveen

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