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Hi all ! I bought a S3board from digilent. I ran some program to test it, included a serial parallel multiplier :) I'm currently thinking of a new project "just for fun". When I learned vhdl at university, we start a project by coding a very simple processor, who looks like a very simple picoblaze. Do you think if it's do-able to implement a pico blaze, plug it (internally in the fpga) with an uart and to run a kind of monitor ? For example with a 68K board, when from the console you can access to memory, dump or modify it, run some assembler command etc etc. I would like to run a kind of very simple SBC with this system. I read the documentation about picoblaze, but I'm afraid that the program must be written when compiling the vhdl ? Could we load the execution code, for example in the sram ? Thanks a lot, xavier.

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This is possible. You can also use your own module which evaluates the address signal and returns the opcodes.

Actually, the compiled-in vhdl is just a BRAM, I don't see why one shouldn't replace it by an SRAM-handling module.

Perhaps you might also want to have a look at , there is an UART-example available. If you want to download the code from the host, you can use the BRAM as a handler and poke the stream from the rs232 to the SRAM, afterwards switching the instruction source (with another module located between BRAM and SRAM, probably controlled by one of picoblaze's outports).

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look at thre are several examples

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BTW we have a gui for the Picoblaze based Logic Analyzer from the dulse website


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