Re UART troubles solved - THANKS Mike, Peter, and Philip!!

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    Major thanks to Mike Tressler, Peter Alfke, and Philip Freidin for all of the
advice concerning my syncronization problems, specifically the dreaded 'data
crossing clock domains' problem. I had a good feeling this might have been
contributing to my difficulties, but you folks put this into words in a way I
could understand WHY it was causing problems, and also offered suggestions for
remedying the situation. I'm happy to report that I have completely cleared all
of my issues 100% as of this morning! All of the strange behavior has now been
explained, and I have a much more solid understanding of how to write these
things properly in VHDL! :D

    Special thanks to Philip Freidin - there was a usenet article of his I dug up
out of the archives from Dec 2001 that specifically explained the
clock-domain-crossing problem, and an elegantly stable solution for reliably
detecting asyncronous clock edges coming from other domains. It can be found

    Thanks again guys - this has solved an incredibly irritating problem that has
been eating at me for the past two weeks!

All the best,
-- Matt

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