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>I am interested in learning fpga. I want advice on which software/HW dev >board should I pick. I have downloaded eval copies of Altera, Xilinx and >Aldec. >I am playing around with each to decide which I should stick too and now >planning to buy a H/W borad. I am planning to >purchase a H/W dev board. I need advise on which board to buy (Xilinx >specific or Altera specific) so as to protect my investment. >I have found Spartan 3E board from Xilinx ($ 149) particularly tempting for >the kind of projects I want to do and is relatively cheap with all hte >features to do serious study. But I want a professional advice from you >guys. >Nirav Raval

A very extensive list of boards for you to peruse can be found in the FAQ:

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