XC3020-50 board documentation

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Hi all,

Would anyone be able to direct me to (or provide me with) any materials
related to this board that I've got.


It's an Xilinx XC3020-50 chip on a board of which I cannot locate anything
describing the layout or functions (dip switches/leds/connections/etc...).
The only markings on the board are:

Xilinx (1994 (C))(on front side)
0430456 rev 04 (on front side)
1280037 Rev 02 (on back side)

I got this board thinking it would be good to continue my education with
FPGA's, of which I'm just starting (so please go easy on me :>)). I've tried
Xilinx's site and can only get documentation on the chip itself. Xilinx
won't provide me with any support on this whatsoever! Internet searches turn
up nothing. Is this really that old of a board/chip that I should just scrap
this thing and try something else?

Thanks for any input...


Re: XC3020-50 board documentation
XC3020 is a tiny chip by today's standards. By the fairly inaccurate guide
of gate count our starter student product is about x20 in notional gate
count. You may be lucky and someone on this group has the data for your
board but I guess that most people will have thrown a board of this type
away by now.

There a number of products from ourselves and our competitors that will do
you good service and possible more importantly the current Xilinx tools will
support the chips on board.

John Adair
Enterpoint Ltd. - Home of Raggedstone1. The Low Cost Spartan-3 Development

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Re: XC3020-50 board documentation

That board is from a Xilinx seminar from 10+ years ago.  Your best bet
is to throw it away.

IIRC, there never was HDL support for this chip, Xact-schematic only.
If you were able to find a copy, you would have to find a 5.25" floppy
drive to load it, and then it probably wouldn't work with a modern
version of Windows.  Then you would have the true joy of finding a
compatible programming pod.

All this for a device that's smaller than a current CPLD.

Spending $150 on the Spartan3 starter kit would be faster/better and


Re: XC3020-50 board documentation
Looks like I have a museum piece! Oh, well...thanks for the info! I'll check
into getting a "current" board.

Thanks again!


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Re: XC3020-50 board documentation
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What you have is a standard Xilinx XC3000 demo/eval board, and
it dates back to prior to 1989. (somewhere in my garage I have
about 30 of them)  The amount of effort it would take to use
this board could not possibly be worth it.


Since your goal is to add to your education, I would highly
recommend that you get a current board with something like a
Spartan 3 on it, and use the current free software from
Xilinx: WebPack.

You can start your shopping expedition here:



Philip Freidin

Philip Freidin

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