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Altera includes the Design Space Explorer (DSE) along with Quartus II. I have found this tcl script to be very helpful when I can get it to work for me. But lately, it has been very frustrating because it fails to explore the space I set it up to explore.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? - I set up the exploration space in the DSE GUI, for example, to do a seed sweep. - DSE starts by running a compilation flow on the base. - DSE finishes this and archives the results. - DSE stops and displays a message that there are no errors or warnings. It doesn't go on to the next point in the exploration space.

I have also tried this with the distributed computing option. DSE will create archives, one for each exploration point. It then submits one to a remote computer and fails to actually compile it, and the process ends.

If you have seen this behavior, do you know what could be causing it and how to correct it.

I have not found any references to this problem in the archives and haven't received much help yet from the Altera support group, but I am hoping this is forthcoming.

I am running with the Windows XP operating system (also tried Windows 2000) and using the latest version of Quartus II (4.2 SP1).

I have used DSE successfully, so it doesn't always display this behavior.

Thanks in Advance, Doug

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Douglas Sykora
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Hi Doug,

there are versions of DSE that supports seeds like 1-10 20-30, other versions need that you write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

29 30. Maybe you are writing "1-10" in a version that does not support this? Beside that DSE worked always fine for me (not tested distributed usage yet).


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Thomas Entner

Thomas, Thanks for the tip. I will try the enumerated seed specification as soon as I get into work. I have been using the range specification such as









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Douglas Sykora



Thomas, I tried the typing in the seeds as you suggested, but it did not help. The version I am using (4.2 SP1) allows entering seeds in either format. Thanks, Doug






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Douglas Sykora

Sorry no help here, just a confirmation that I see the same thing. I've successfully run it previously and never touch the seed setting, but it doesn't work for me anymore -- just stops after the first iteration regardless of how many point there are.


Tommy PS: 4.2.SP1 also

Douglas Sykora wrote:

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Tommy Thorn

Hi Doug, Tommy:

Our DSE guys are equally confused. Things are working fine for us...

For us to be able to completely debug your issues we need see your design, or at least the full DSE output logs (*.dse.rpt) with the

-debug flag on.

We tried using seeds in the form n1-n2 and it seemed to work fine for us on 4.2 SP1. Maybe you can try separating your seeds with commas in case there is something weird there. Another possibility is that your base compile has an error or no-fit, which causes compilation to halt in a similar way to what you describe.


Paul Leventis Altera Corp.

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Paul Leventis

Paul Leventis wrote: > Our DSE guys are equally confused. Things are working fine for us... >

I'd be happy to, but pardon my ignorence, can I set the -debug though the gui?

Here's how the it looks when it stops:

formatting link

I my case I've never touched it and it's at the default value: 3 5 7 11

Not the case AFAICT. I compile the project before launching DSE (it appears I have too).

I'll send you (personally) a link to the whole directory in case it's helpful (any comments or questions most welcome).

Thanks, Tommy

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Tommy Thorn

Paul, I submitted a mysupport SR two weeks ago and I am waiting for some support to help me out here. (SR#10490208) I attached lots of reports and my design. I talked to one of the engineers at mysupport late yesterday and they said they are now bumping it up to the higher level engineers. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

I was not aware of the -debug flag. I will attempt to run DSE with this flag on and get another update to the mysupport engineers.

Also, my design does fit. There is no "no-fit" error. That would at least produce an error message. In my case there is no error message.

Thanks for your help Paul,


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Douglas Sykora

Tommy, I took a look at how it looks when it stops for you, and that is the same thing that I see, except my compile time is more like 2-4 hours.


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Douglas Sykora



I looked through all the DSE documentation and could find nothing about a -debug flag for DSE. I also tried running DSE from the command line, which I never tried before, and it ran without the stopping after compiling the base. I tried it in both the local and in the distributed computing mode. Both worked! This weekend I will try running it with five or six distributed computers okay. I'll let you know how it goes. Doug

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Douglas Sykora

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