Programming Altera Config Device

We have a number of PCB's with Altera Cyclone/Config device systems.

In R&D we use Quartus to program this.

For production, we have a bed of nails based ATE system, using LabView.

We want to program the config. device automatically.

Has anyone done this ?

Does Altera produce a .dll or .ocx version of the programming tools ? Can the programmer be run as a WIN32 console app. (ie from the command line) ? Does National Instruments (or a third party) have anything ?

Any advice much appreciated,


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Gary Pace
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Hi Gary,

The Quartus Programmer is a command line application. Here is the output when when you type quartus_pgm --help in a DOS box.

D:\>quartus_pgm --help Quartus II Programmer Version 4.1 Build 181 06/29/2004 SJ Full Version Copyright (C) 1991-2004 Altera Corporation



quartus_pgm [-h | --help[=] | -v] quartus_pgm -c filname.cdf --- If you want to use cdf file quartus_pgm -c -m -o [-o ...] --- If you want to use individual programming file(s) quartus_pgm -l --- to display the list of available hardware quartus_pgm -c -a --- to display the list of devices connected to the cable



The Quartus(R) II Programmer programs Altera(R) devices. The Programmer uses one of the valid supported file formats: Programmer Object Files (.pof), SRAM Object Files (.sof), Jam File (.jam), or Jam Byte-Code File (.jbc).

Make sure you specify a valid programming mode, programming cable, and operation for a given device.



-f -m | --mode= -c | --cable= -o | --operation= -l | --list -a | --auto --lower_priority

Help Topics:


arguments makefiles

For more information on specific options, use --help=.

Hope this helps, Subroto Datta Altera Corp.

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Subroto Datta

Hi Gary,

We have designed a test-bed with an Altera cyclone to test and upload configuration files to epcs4 of a minipci product. We have developed code to upload .rbf files directly to the epcs4 of the device under test. The flash time for a full epcs4 is around 3 seconds. If this development serves your purpose, we can make it available against a certain royalty payment.

Another possibilty is to obtain the "byte jammer" software from Altera, it flashes the epcs via the JTAG chain...

best regards ron

"Gary Pace" schreef in bericht news:Zz62d.1762$


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