Handel C writing to flash ram & sampling hey guys clock setting

hey guys,

Problem 1: i wrote the following code to write 10 'D' to the flash ram after which i read from the flash ram location 200000 using the FTU. But i got DDDDD D instead. Can someone please tell me what went wrong. Is there anyway in which i can phyically see what was written to my ram other than transfering it to the flash ram and reading it using FTU?

Code: #define RC100_CLOCK_DIVIDE 20 #define RC100_BOARD // Include libraries and headers #include #include

void main() { RC100FlashEnable();

RC100FlashBlockErase(10); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200000, (unsigned 8)0x44);//ascii D RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200001, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200002, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200003, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200004, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200005, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200006, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200007, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200008, (unsigned 8)0x44); RC100FlashWriteByte( 0x00200009, (unsigned 8)0x44);

RC100FlashSetReadMode(); }

Problem 2: i'm actually trying to communicate with the USB D+ and D- signal using the expansion slot pins on the RC100. The speed is about 1.5Megabits/s. So i will need to read from the pins at 3MHz. Is there anyway in which i can set the #define RC100_CLOCK_DIVIDE to 3MHz or any sampling function that i can use for setting. if i were to used higher clock rate the using the #define RC100_CLOCK_DIVIDE , i will get much more data as a logic 1 or 0 will be read several times rather than 1 time only.

Also, can you also please advise on time/length for each output bit that i output with the below function.

I'm using the following function: interface bus_ts_clock_in (unsigned int 1 read ) Dplus(unsigned int 1 writePort=z, unsigned 1 enable=condition) with {data = {"AA15"} };

Thanks a lot in advance. Really appreciate it if you guys can give me some advice. Thanks once again.

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