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Hi, I am using XPS to program my application onto the Xilinx Virtex2 pro board. The size of the application is upto 1 MB and hence I need to reference instructions from the external DDR memory (2GB). I need to write a bootloader and program the Flash memory with the executable (.elf or .srec) file, such that, on booting, the bootloader would copy the executable to the external DDR at the address which will later be used by Microblaze to fetch instructions. I am facing many problems and am not sure if my approach is right.

  1. flash is connected to the microblaze using OPB through the OPC-EMC controller.
  2. generate libraries and BSP
  3. select the desired executable (.elf) . program flash memory selecting the 'create flash bootloader option'.

on 'program flash' and after the bootloader application is successfully created. the text window stops at the following error:

XMD% ERROR: Flashwriter application reported an error: Unable to query target part layout! Processor started. Type "stop" to stop processor Flashwriter terminating !

It would be great if someone could help me out with the problem and guide me on how to go about the bootloader. Do we need to modify the Linker script?? Thanks, Yash

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