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I have a SOC with a Power PC running on a Virtex II pro. On FPGA configuration, the PPC firmware runs correctly, heap reservation on firmware initialisation is correct. When I reset the SOC with the reset controller, the PPC restarts correctly, but when it tries to use the heap to initialize some dynamic variables, I get a fail on the malloc.

It seem that on the reset the power PC context is not reinitialized. I guess we have to add something in the boot sequence of the PPC to reset the heap pointer.

I'm I right ? It is something that must be standard in the power PC world, does someone have an exemple how to do this ??



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Nobody has a clue ?

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For standalone applications the heap is initialized in sbrk.c which you can find in ppc405_0/libsrc/standalone*/src/sbrk.c

You can see that heap_ptr is initialized on the first call to sbrk() and increases its value after that on every call. It maintains its value through a reset.

To change the behavior you can copy sbrk.c into your own project and change it.

Alternatively, there might also be a compiler option that allows you to initialize static values at run time instead of compile time. You might be able to static char *heap_ptr=0; in combination with the compiler option to get the desired behavior.

- Peter

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Peter Ryser

Thanks for your answer, we're working on it !

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