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What tools do I need for changing an outsourced dising from a 3020A to a
3030A Xilinx device (the 3020A is obsolete).

I only have a XNF netlist available.


Re: old xilinx components
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I just checked that I can compile an 'Logic Assembler' source file until
.BIT using Foundation 1.5i for the P&R

I guess that you can run Foundation implementation on the XNF as well.

The 'ISE Classics' that are available from Xilinx website do not support


Re: old xilinx components
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Are you changing the design, or just migrating from one device size to
another? I would have thought that if the 3020A was unavailable, the
3030A would also be unavailable


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If you are not changing the design, then this is a simple edit
of this file where the part number is specified. Look for a line
like this:

PART, 3020APC84-100

and change it to

PART, 3030APC84-100

then re-run place and route and bitstream generate.

If you are changing the design as well, then this will make a very
difficult project, extremely difficult. As this is all you have,
you will have to edit this netlist, which can be done, but it was
never designed for.

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While this may not be what you want to hear, you may be better off
figuring out your desired function, and starting a new design with
current products. This is not easy either, as you probably have
existing boards, and everything runs at 5V . There are no current
products that will fit into the old footprint of the 3020A, and
almost none of the current products tolerate 5V.

Good luck,


Re: old xilinx components

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The bad thing is that we need a last production batch of 500 pieces for
spare parts, the project is dead already for some time ...

Re: old xilinx components

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If you only need 500 parts, one last time, and never again, have you checked
all the "obsolete parts specialists"?  There are outfits that have huge
of old Xilinx parts.  I don't use parts this old, but still use some 5 V
Spartan chips, and these outfits have been quite helpful.  Highmont in
Australia was the last outfit I used.


Re: old xilinx components
I am having a quite similar issue...
I am using FPGA board Gigilent XS10... with xilinx spartan
I used FS 1.5e and FS2.1E... But then I downloaded web pack 6.xx.
Surpeise was that this version didnot supported Spartan XCS10, not even
Spartan -II.... I wish Xilinx Management should think on that, although
they have made the components obsolete, but poor people like us are
still learning on the same...
Well then... what to do next... What i did was a little nasty....
Webpack 6.xx supported Vertex - II... And so did previous version FS
3.3 (which a good man donated me). I made my design in 6.xx on device
V-II, opened the project in FS 3.3 and then changed the device to
Spartan XCS10-PC84..... It worked... Just remenber that keep the gate
count under final target device.... and configure the pinouts in each
implementation repeatedly.....
If u have XNF file it should work... but can  you send me little more
detail on versions... I am a little shaky in understanding your
At the end... While implementing a Servo control I have lost 8 I/O pins
of my FPGA. And this was the only piece that I had. Still some pins are
working but if some one can tell me about Availability of XCS10 Spartan
FPGA or Can donate it, because i have only one FPGA and only one
development board. And if there is an angle which can donate me a new
better FPGA or development board, I would be thanful

Re: old xilinx components

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Wow!  This is an amazing discovery!  I've been using a 1997 or so version of
ISE so I can keep support of the old 5V parts.


Re: old xilinx components
Somebody has some of the old parts up for auction on eBay, if you are



Re: old xilinx components
You can also try
or call them at
603-897 1280  
and ask for Joe. Very helpful guy.
Peter Alfke

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