which version PCI LogiCore for XC4000E?

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Which version of Xilinx Foundation has contained PCI LogiCore for
XC4000E (= version 1.2)? I have installed Foundation 4.1i, but there
is PCI 32b/33MHz support for Virtex only. Thank You very very much for

Re: which version PCI LogiCore for XC4000E?


The v1.2 PCI LogiCORE was shipped on CD-ROM, and for a
time was available for download (but no longer).  The
Xilinx PCI cores have not traditionally been part of the
implementation tools until just recently when they were
made available through Core Generator.  The specific
version you are looking for will only work with XACT6,
which is substantially older than Foundation 4.1i.

I'm assuming you asked this question because you have
some XC4000E hardware sitting around and want to use it.
My advice would be to sell it on eBay and use the money
to buy one of the inexpensive boards from a Xilinx
distributor or the FPGA4FUN website.  You'll then need
to install ISE6 (WebPack will do...) and get an eval
copy of the v3.0 PCI LogiCORE.

Or maybe just post again, asking for a cracked copy.  :)

Good luck,

SimonX wrote:
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Re: which version PCI LogiCore for XC4000E?
Thank you, Eric, for quick answer. I have bought some pcs of
XC4013E-PQ240-3C on eBay :) for my unprofit use in my hobby only. But
I donīt understand what is role of PCI LogiCore, when CoreGen of older
Foundations isnīt usable (... if I understand correctly). To generate
correct pci.vhd for appropriate core only? But why arenīt downloadable
pci.vhd-s for this purpose directly (e.g. on xilinxīs ftp)??

Re: which version PCI LogiCore for XC4000E?


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Core Generator is a "delivery vehicle".  The PCI LogiCORE from Xilinx
is a piece of IP, in the form of a netlist.  Initially, Xilinx would
deliver the netlist directly to customers on a CD or via download
from a web page.  If you have the PCI LogiCORE netlist, it does not
matter if you have Core Generator or not.

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Xilinx currently makes the PCI LogiCORE available through Core
Generator, and also available on the web.  Web download is only
available if you own a license, you cannot download an eval from
the web...  Core Generator is capable of generating an eval copy.

In any case, your issue is that the netlist for XC4000E devices
has been discontinued a long time ago, and is no longer available
or supported.  What is currently available on the web and through
Core Generator is a netlist that is suitable for derivatives of
the Virtex family:

* Virtex, Virtex-E, Spartan-II, Spartan-IIE
* Virtex2, Virtex2Pro, Spartan3
* Virtex4

If you are just doing this for fun, you might consider using the
PCI interface from OpenCores.  You could target this to any device
you wish.  If you are doing "serious development work" you probably
don't want to be using XC4000E but instead one of the devices above
in which case you can use the current PCI LogiCORE.

Hope that helps,

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