Notepad++ is an excellent editor for coding VHDL


In the working process for my private project, I use free Notepad++ to code VHDL code and appreciate it very much!

Here is an example of how powerful Notepad++ is: In 27 files, I easily found that I use the statement "when others => nul l; " 119 times and the statement "end case;" 117 times. There are certainly 2 mismatches for the 2 types of statements. I found only 1 mismatch in whi ch "end case;" is written as "end if;" by looking at every statement "when others => null; ", and abandoned another attempt to find the only mismat ch. I don't have to switch files to locate the statement; instead, I just c licked a search result file shown in different colors.

I would like to share this experience with everyone here.


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Tianxiang Weng
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Hi, how have you found Notepad++ when it comes to larger projects though? The thing is it works fine when you have a small set of files, but any time you need more than that Notepad++ doesn't really scale. In my case at the moment I need to work on a VHDL project stored in Git, but with many small files for Modelsim+Quartus and VS Code has been amazing for that.

well you can do all that in IDEs like VS Code too, and the numerous extensions means you can do everything in one IDE which is pretty nice. Notepad++ really seems to be a useful halfway between Windows Notepad and VS Code. Only thing I hate about VS Code is there's a plethora of extensions that are all different but basically do the same things. Just a look at VHDL, basically all of them are variations on syntax highlighting.

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