Microchip UNI/O controller core for FPGA

I needed to access the Microchip 11AA02E48 EEPROM located on a FPGA board.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any VHDL/Verilog sources of a UNI/O controll
Therefore, I have decided to write my own. It took a few hours, but it seem
s that it works quite reasonably. I have published sources under PUBLIC DOM
AIN od CC0 1.0 Universal license at
formatting link

/alt.sources/-H7CjN9Y_u0 and in
formatting link

ee/master/unio .
I hope, that they may be useful for somebody, however they are published wi
thout any warranty. You use it on your own risk. You should also check if y
our use of UNI/O does not violate Michrochip's (or other) patents.
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