I am writing a memory controller for a zbt sram. Do I need to be concerne with the setup times. What I mean by this is do I need to arange my signal realtive to the clock so that the time is not violated. The only simple wa I can see of doing this is to clock off the neg edge of the clock and the read on the pos edge.


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It depends ... Are you concerned by your design actually working ?

Of course you need to be concerned by setup times ... and hold times (if any) ... What you were just thinking these were pretty numbers that just looks good on the datasheet ?


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Sylvain Munaut


Just out of interest - do you understand the various timings in the datasheet? There's no shame in _not_ knowing - we all didn't know at one time.

As Sylvain has imputed (in an inimitable way) one must understand what the timing requirements *mean* if one is going to design around them.

Setup time, hold time, group jitter, clock uncertainty (for synchronous types) - all these things are specified not because it's 'cool', but because they are fundamental parameters to be met if you want the thing to operate.

Please espouse your design (or desired design) more fully.



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