Making hard macros in Xilinx FPGA Editor

It seems like every time there's a question on Xilinx hard macros on this board, there's a lot of problems. But here it goes anyway:

I'm doing a PAR for a small-sized "psuedo-dsp", which is used multiple times in a larger design. I'm trying to make it into a hard macro for those multiple instantiations. The big problem I'm having is in FPGA editor, how do you rename all the external macro pins, if there are literally hundreds of them? I couldn't figure out a way to automate the process, since the editor uses the actual component pin names (not the instance names).

Another issue - How do you connect the clock net (in my case, fanout of 1000+) to one single external macro pin? (External macro pins are applied to pins, not nets) This problem comes up with any net with a huge fanout.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Hello Frank,

you could try to automate the renaming process by using xdl (Xilinx Design Language). Convert your nmc file into an xdl (ASCII) file and run some script on it. Help can be found under: $Xilinx/help/data/xdl.

Regards Christian

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Christian Haase

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