Historical Fpga Resources

What historical resources do we have for preserving early FPGA development? What web sites and peoples blogs are archiving this information?

Prior generations left a rich legacy of paper records, but so much of the early digital generation is being lost. We were lucky to get early Unix sources archived in the public domain.

What should be we tring to get released and archived to preserve the legacy of early FPGA tools?

Has someone managed to get sources reconstructed for early Altera and Xilinx tools and possibly released since they have little to no commercial value these days, and great historical value?

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hm what you mean 'reconstructed' those historical tools still exist. they are just harder to get, as example XACT was on sale on ebay just two days ago, I was going to buy it, but as I wanted to bid on last second, and I selpt trough (I as sick that day and a sleep most of the day) - the final price was 12USD !! I would have bidded up to 50


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Antti Lukats

People really want that stuff? Really?

email me.......

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You do know that we have an archive of the 'last' supported versions, for customers use when they have to make a change to an ancient design?

I had the web link, but I can't find it now.

If anyone is interested, I will go find it again.

You will also need an ancient operating system to go with it, and possibly an ancient computer, too.

Aust> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

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The problem you have is the entire concept of copyright/patents have changed the playing field.

My generation, a book was a book was a book. This generation, everything is a potential lawsuit.

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I am sure I would have found it (eventually).

You do have to register. We like to keep track of folks who are using these tools.

Aust> Is this it?

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