question regarding maximum frequency on virte-e-2000

Hi all, i am designing a circuit for a cryptogrpahy application based on elliptic curve cryptography.I want to know one thing when i implement the same circuit on different devices from different families results are as follows. with spartant3 i m getting max. frequency as 89 Mhz with virtex2 i am geting max. frequency as 123 MHz but to my surprise with vortex-e-2000 i am getting max. frequency as

48MHz. can anyone explain why performance of virtex-e-2000 is like this.


Regards Ramakrishna Bachimanchi

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Virtex E is .18 micron technology.

Spartan 3 is 90nm.

Virtex II is 150nm.

Depending on how the resources are used, larger technologies are generally slower, and smaller are faster.

If a resource is targeting that doesn't exist in hardened form (like the

18x18 multiplier is not in Virtex E), then it will be implemented in fabric, and the design may be even slower.

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