GTKWave 1.3.86 for Windows is available

Hi, I compiled the GTKWave 1.3.86 for Windows (win32 with Gtk 2.0) and put the files and instructions at http:

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It has all the DLLs which are needed (I hope). Just unzip-untar it to a directory. Currently it assumes it will run in c:\gtkw which you have to add to your path. If you put it somewhere else, you need to do the following:

  • add you gtkwave root directory to your path (ie path=c:\gtkw;%path%)
  • cd gtkw\pango\
  • pango-querymodules.exe > ..\etc\pango\pango.modules

I have made no changes to any sources. To get it to compile I did the "obvious" thing. Install Mingw, get 1.3.86 sources and add files from Gtk for Win32 collection till it compiles.

I hope it is useful to others too.

Muzaffer Kal

kal at dspia dot com

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