Fully Comitted to LVDS as Comparitors

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I working on a design where there will be some five sigma-delta ADCs and several specific level detect inputs each using an LVDS input pair as a comparator.  So I'm pretty committed to this working.  

The LVDS common mode range can work down to 50 mV and I"ll be testing that.  I need to sense the voltage across a FET in an H bridge for over current or open load.  

The ADCs need to have decent resolution, 12 bits at a minimum.  I've seen an app note on this in a Lattice FPGA that achieved 12 bits.  But it is hard to tell where the errors will creep in.  It's not all about the noise.  Non-linearity is also important.  

I guess I'll have more info in a few weeks.  


Rick C.

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