MachXO2 pin mismatch error

I am trying to use a PMI ROM memory block in Lattice Diamond/VHDL:
decoder_rom0 : pmi_rom generic map (

pmi_addr_width => 3,
pmi_data_width => decoder_rom_data'length,
pmi_regmode => "noreg",
pmi_gsr => "disable",
pmi_resetmode => "sync",
pmi_optimization => "area",
pmi_init_file => "i2c_decoder_rom.mem",
pmi_init_file_format => "binary"
) port map (

Address => std_logic_vector(decoder_rom_address),
OutClock => clk,
OutClockEn => trigger,
Reset => reset,
Q => decoder_rom_data
At a later stage the compiler fails with:
Loading NGO design 'lngotmp/'...
ERROR - Pin mismatch between block
TYPE='pmi_romEbi2c_decoder_romasdn43512db0f16b', and file
'lngotmp/' at pin
Done: error code 2
Synplify synthesizes the bitstream without a warning, so the issue must
be related to the LSE. What can I do with it?
Best regards, Piotr
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Piotr Wyderski
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I assume you are running the latest version of Diamond and have checked the port mapping. The first thing I would do is to log an issue with Lattice. Next start modifying the code to see if you can make it work, I would start by changing the 'length attribute on your generic.
Good luck,
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