Do you want to live outside of time in Heaven?

Do you want a body like the angels? Young, strong, beautiful, never
getting tired, never aging, never wearing out, but always at the
absolute top of its game. Remember what it was like when you were
in your early 20s? Imagine that level of bodily ability with the
aging and mature mind you have as an adult, but with greater mental
clarity, greater strength, greater agility, greater endurance, the
ability to go without limit.
Do you want to know the secrets of the universe? The things that
today we don't understand? The things that are out there waiting
to be understood?
Do you want to see God? To talk to Him face-to-face? To ask Him
many questions and listen to His comprehensive answers? Do you
want to be able to fellowship with God, to collaborate with Him on
your ideas and projects? To rely upon Him and His infinite purses
for the funding and resources you need to accomplish those deep and
wide masterpieces lurking inside of you?
Jesus Christ is offering you eternity in paradise. He extends the
offer for free to all people.
Sin separates us from God. It pins us down, puts us under judgment
and condemnation per God's own Holy Laws. God will not sacrifice
His own integrity, and He will not recant His Laws. But He still
wants to save us from our sin.
He made a way out of no way. He setup a system whereby our sin
could be transferred to another, and the one receiving our sin would
pay the price. He didn't do this arbitrarily, but had you in mind
when He did it. He wanted to make a way out for man when man sinned.
He wanted to give us a second chance, while maintaining full order.
If you ask Jesus to forgive your sin, God restores you to the plans
He had for you before sin entered in and destroyed everything.
If you'd like to be a part of that eternal future outside of time,
then come to Jesus today. Ask Him to forgive you and gain eternal
life in that self-same instant.
He is ready, willing, and able, to have you be part of His Kingdom.
He's even gone ahead and prepared a place for you that is just your
own, tailored to your personal tastes and likes. When you see it
you will weep tears of joy. And there is so much more than that
ahead for all put their faith and trust in Him.
This is your call to eternity and immortality. It's free for the
asking. No matter what you've done, He's ready to forgive you and
wipe the slate clean like it never happened. He loves you that
much to give you a second chance, even after your sin has grown so
high after these many years.
Call upon His name today. Reserve your departure ticket for when
you leave this world. Know that your destination is secure, and
that you have never seen anything like what's coming, that even the
streets there are paved with gold ... so how much more are the many
beautiful things adorned?
Call upon His name today and find out.
Love you,
Rick C. Hodgin
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