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  1. I'am a beginner in fpga.and want some help. I'am trying to write code for matching rising edges of two different pulse train signa,so that AND operation can be performed b/w them . synchronization is must for carrying the AND operation.Kindly suggest some idea.

2.how is it possible to generate signals at every rising egde of a given signal where the frequency of new signal is defined by the taking (present and just previous rising egde)for frequency calculation and new signal will be generated at this present rising edge of given signal '

seeking your valuable ideas.

thanks in advance.


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First of all, experts recomend double-flopping the inputs to avoid metastability.

If you look at implementations of asynchronous protocols - say RS232 - you will see that generally you need to oversample. With a clock 16 times maximum baud rate, RS232 circuits have a good chance of catching transitions and being able to sync up.

If you have multiple sources, you can run a fast clock and fl> Hello

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