Trying to find some Actel A54SX16P FPGAs to purchase

Does anyone know where I might obtain some Actel A54SX16P FPGAs in the VQ100 package? Actel has exactly one distributor, and they're out of stock for awhile. We've been searching the gray market some, and I figured I'd ask here.

Speed grade doesn't matter, pricing isn't too important (within reason), just the package and the fact that it's the 'P' suffix (we're using it with

5V inputs). We're after about 250, although smaller quantities would be fine too since we don't need them all right away.

The sooner we could get some... the better!

If you know of a source, please reply to or to the group.

Thank you,

---Joel Kolstad

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Joel Kolstad
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Best regards Jaroslaw Czula

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