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Dear All,

I am a student with primitive experience in verilog. I have a small verific ation task for a top module. I have simplified the task in the below descri ption, so that you can give me a quick response. There could be solve for t his problem in various ways. But ideally I am finding a solution to create an automatic test setup.

Please find below the problem. If you could write me a solution with a work ing example in verilog, that would be a good starting point.

Write a Script or Test bench for the following tasks; Send Data = 8 bits and Received Data is 16 bits.

  1. First Send Data for 0-256 data frames with STATUS_IN = 0, and then aga in Send Data 0-256 data frames with STATUS_IN = 1
  2. Next send few control frames of 8 bits with specific pattern (e.g. 8'b00
110101) again with STATUS_IN = 0 and STATUS_IN = 1
  1. Compare if Send Data == Received Data at the DATA_OUT port. Also com pare if STATUS_IN == STATUS_OUT for every received data frame
  2. Print SUCCESS or FAIL for every data frame transmission in a File (use F ile handling) File handling: Print Send Data and Received Data, Print STATUS_IN and STATU S_OUT and SUCCESS and FAIL for each data frame transmission

One additional task is to breaking 16 bits Received Data in two 8 bits for each cycle. Find attached the diagram of the module.

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