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I have another question about DCM's: If I use the design wizard to generate a vhdl file for a DCM the wizard uses all kinds of Buffers. For example it also uses a "BUFG" in the feedback loop. CLK0 -> BUFG -> CLKFB. Is that necessary? Do I have to use an IBUFG for the CLKIN of a DCM if nothing else is connected to that CLK signal? I still a beginner in vhdl so please bear with me. Thanks for all the help urban

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Yes, it is. To CLKFB you can connect signals from BUFG or IBUFG.

Yes, you have.

Why? - it's good question for homework.

If you looking for advice here, be more specific:

- What tool you use?

- What chip-device, you want to configure?

good luck.

Jerzy Gbur

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