Clarifications Regarding FlexRay Stand Alone Cotroller Interfacing With PIC Microcontroller

Dear All,

This is Jegadeesh from Trioz Technologies India Pvt Ltd. We are currently working on a project under FlexRay to develop a demonstration module to our customer.

At present we are in a design stage of the software based on the hardware that we finished designing already.

we have planned to demonstrate the Flexray communication using PIC controller interfacing with the Fujitsu's Flexray Stand Alone Controller (MB88121B) by SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface). Further, Stand Alone Controller is interfaced with the Austria Micro system's Flexray Driver (AS8221).

We need to know some clarifications regarding Hardware Design of AS8221 with MB88121B and channel Transmission / Reception.

The Flexray Standalone Controller has 2 channels A and B respectively. Is it possible to Transmit Flexray Frames in a channel (Ex: CH A) and Receive it via another channel (Ex: CH B) by using a two Transceivers and one Flexray Controller?

Please reply back to me with solutions and suggesstions for our clarifications at the earliest.

Thanks and Regards, Jegadeesh.R

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