problem in modem interfacing with microcontroller


i m interfacing GSM modem to my microcontroller.i need to send sms through it.

i am using AT commands for that.the command to send sms (AT+ CMGS) must terminate with in my program

AT , AT+CMGF = 1, AT+CMGS = mobile no. , "message to be sent " ctrl- Z /

26 / ^Z

the problem is : I connect my microcontroller and then switch ON the modem my program runs afterwards but SMS is not sent.but when i reset my microconroller board the SMS is sent. i am unable to find the reason.also i was suspecting the role of RTS pin but online documents show that it shuould be set high once only i need to reset or do something with this pin when my program runs ?

plz suggest some way . suggestions are also invited if you suspect some other problem .

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