Recording tv witha stand-alone DVDR?

I have two friends who got Verizon FIOS TV, but who don't pay rental on the DVDR that Verizon offers. IIUC, they have no way to record television, a step down from when they had a VCR and cable or an antenna.

Is there a way to connect either a VCR or a stand-alone** DVDR so they can record tv and watch it later. One has a VCR and the other has a Philips DVDR with built-in digital and analog tuners.

**Obviously, it can't be totally alone. I don't know what the term is but I mean a model designed to work off the air (and/or off cable tv??), or any model that is sold alone and not rented out by Verizon or a cable company.


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Don't have any of these models, but when my VCR's are beyond repair. I'll be looking at these. or a MythTV box.

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Per Lawrence:

If you can deal with the technology, that's a huge step up from a DVR.

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Do a google on Hauppage. Reasonable price, and basically sold everywhere.

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Be careful if you buy one used. Their WinTV software is available on their website, but you need a CDROM to unlock it. They will sell you a disk for $10 plus shipping.

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