can someone post or email xusbdfwu.hex (1021) from linux ISE 8.2 webpack

Hi group,

I have issues with Impact from ISE webpack 8.2 / linux... XP install is ok but difficult to use because it freeze during synth & par.

Impact/linux (+ jungo windrvr6) was ok only one time (I have time for 1 or 2 download), but after an other hang I tried to change to (1023 edition from xilinx ftp area), but did not make a backup...

So, I need that file : xusbdfwu.hex from a fresh ISE webpack linux install, 1021 edition. It is located there : $(Xilinx)/bin/lin/xusbdfwu.hex.

For now, I can't download again ISE from Xilinx (because low band width at this time...)

thanks for the mail

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